OneBloodRewards: Earning Rewards While Saving Lives

OneBloodRewards is a unique program that combines the act of blood donation with rewards for donors. By participating in this program, you contribute to saving lives and earn exciting rewards. In this article, we’ll explore how the OneBloodRewards system works, the benefits it offers, and how you can get started.


How It Works

  1. Donation Process:
    • When you donate blood at a OneBlood center, your contribution goes beyond just helping patients. It also earns you rewards.
    • Each time you donate, you accumulate points based on the type of donation (whole blood, platelets, plasma, etc.).
  2. Donor Portal:
    • To access your rewards and manage your donations, sign in to the OneBloodRewards Donor Portal.
    • The portal allows you to schedule appointments, review your health history, and redeem your rewards.
  3. Earning Rewards:
    • Bonus Bucks: Complete blood donation challenges to earn Bonus Bucks.
    • Partner Promotions: Enjoy exclusive promotions from OneBlood’s generous partners.

Redeeming OneBloodRewards

Redeem Your OneBloodRewards Gift Card
  1. eGift Cards:
    • Treat yourself by redeeming eGift Cards from popular retailers.
    • These cards allow you to shop, dine, or enjoy entertainment while supporting a great cause.
  2. OneBloodRewards Gifts:
    • Show your commitment to saving lives with OneBlood-branded gifts.
    • These items reflect your dedication to the cause and make great conversation starters.

Health History Insights

  1. Health Summary:
    • The portal provides insights into your well-being based on your health history from previous donations.
    • Review your latest health summary results and stay informed about your overall health.


OneBloodRewards transforms blood donation into a rewarding experience. By participating, you not only impact lives but also receive tangible benefits. Sign in to your Donor Portal today and earn rewards while making a difference! 🩸💙

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